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A diversified investment portfolio without entry and exit fees. 
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Or invest by yourself with a choice of more than 500 mutual funds from 60 renowned fund houses.

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Valid until 28 February 2020 on our full range of Mutual Funds2, Model Portfolios and Wealth Management.

Transferring mutual funds from another bank? MeDirect helps you with the transfer and reimburses any fees your bank or wealth manager is charging you for the transfer of your portfolio, up to a maximum of € 500 per client. 

Invest by yourself with a choice of more than 500 funds. 

At MeDirect, we consciously choose not to offer our own in-house funds, but give our clients access to investment funds from 60 renowned houses such as Blackrock, Invesco, Robeco, M&G ... You can choose from a worldwide selection of more than 500 funds . 

Fondsenbuizen bij MeDirect: Blackrock, Carmignac, Fidelity, M&G, Invesco, Nordea, Aberdeen, Schroders, Robeco, Amundi
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Lower costs, a world of difference 

Where possible we set the costs for our customers to zero. For example, you have a free investment account, there is no custody fee and, above all, we do not charge entry and exit costs for 97% of our fund offer. 

How are we reimbursed then?

For Funds and Model Portfolios, you only pay the management fee from the fund managers. The fund manager transfers part of this to MeDirect. And that is enough for us. For asset management, the fund manager does not hand over anything to MeDirect, but you do pay the management fee of 0.90% VAT, including directly to MeDirect for managing your portfolio. 


entry/exit fees on 97% of our fund selection

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Investment portfolio in which the potential return is reinvested with the objective of capital growth. 

4.57% return over the past five years in a balanced profile.3

Manage and follow your portfolio online.

 Choose your investment plan without entry and exit fees.

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Avoid bad timing

The 5 benefits of periodic investments explained

Gradually build up capital

Diversification accross different asset classes

The power of capitalisation 

Accessible for everyone

Predicting the right time to invest is not easy. Spread your investment over a longer period, by investing a fixed amount on a monthly basis. You then sometimes buy when the markets are down and sometimes when the markets are up. By doing this you reduce the risk significantly, because you build up your capital at an average price.

By investing a fixed amount in your portfolio every month, you can build up capital gradually and at your own pace. You decide how much you want to invest each month and you can increase or decrease this amount, temporarily suspend your plan and activate it again.

Even with one mutual funds, you diversify your investments over different asset classes such as stocks and bonds. Diversification reduces the risk significantly: a possible weaker performance by one stock is covered by an other. By choosing an investment plan you even increase the diversification because you invest in a dozen mutual funds instead of one. 

The longer you can invest your savings, the better this is for the end result. A lower amount invested at a younger age yields more in the long term than a higher amount invested later for a shorter period. Example: you invest € 10.000 with an annual return of 5%. After a year you will have € 10.500. If you then invest that € 10.500 for another year, you will have € 11.025 at the end of that second year. You therefore earn € 500 in the first year, but € 525 in the second year. If we look at a period of 20 years, this results in an amount of € 26.532,98 at the end of the period. 

You don't need to have a large amount to start with. At MeDirect you can start an investment portfolio from as low as €2.500 with the option to initiate a monthly contribution from €100. The initial starting amount of €2.500 is necessary because this capital will be spread over 10 mutual funds. The initial amount to start a Wealth Management portfolio is €10.000.   

Investment portfolio

Investment portfolio

Investment portfolio with the goal to pay an income (dividend) on a regular basis. 

3.29% return over the past five years in a balanced profile.3

Manage and follow your portfolio online.

Fully managed

Wealth management

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A personal, international diversified portfolio fully managed for you. 

Managed by our experts based on your investor profile. 

4.49% return over the past five years in a balanced profile.4


Choisissez votre plan d'investissement sans frais d'entrée ni de sortie

Investment portfolio


Investment portfolio in which the potential return is reinvested with the objective of capital growth. 

4.57% return over the past five years in a balanced profile.3

You manage and follow your portfolio online. 


Investment portfolio for the purpose of regularly paying income (dividend). 

Balanced 3.29% return over the last five years.3

You manage and follow your portfolio online. 

Investment portfolio

Wealth management

A personal portfolio, globally diversified and fully managed.

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Fully managed

4.49% return over the past five years in a balanced profile.4

Managed by our experts according to your investor profile. 

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²Fund is the popular name for UCI (collective investment scheme). A mutual fund is a business that brings together several investors and invests their deposited money in various investment options, such as stocks, bonds, cash, etc., in order to spread the risk. Before proceeding with the investment, you must read and evaluate the KIID and the corresponding prospectus. The KIID sets out the objectives, investment policy, risks and benefits, fees and a history of fund performance.

3The performances shown are the annualized gross returns excluding taxes, simulated on the basis of the historical NAVs of the current funds of the portfolio. Performance is used for illustrative purposes only and results in the past are not, of course, an indication of future performance. More about the returns of the Capitalization investment portfolio. 

4Annualized gross return excluding management fees (max 0.90%) and any taxes. Results obtained in the past are not an indication of future performance. More information and returns from our five capitalization portfolios and our portfolio